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Star Wars girls

I found the greatest blog! It's called Filth Wizardry, and it's all about the crafty adventures a mom has with her two daughters, 4 & 5 years old. It has to be filthy, because of their ages, and best of all she uses stuff that's around the house. That's a big deal because it's not always easy to go and buy a lot of supplies with little kids, and spur of the moment things are more fun, anyway!

This is the first of her ideas that we tried. Blowing these balloons up is HARD. I'm glad I learned to use my bicycle pump for a balloon pump while preparing for the birthday party last month.

We had to take our little light sabers into the laundry room for a decently dark space in the middle of the day.

Of course my girls have not seen Star Wars at all, but I found that the light saber idea doesn't really need an introduction.